Saturday, February 1, 2020

Fresh Water Pollution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fresh Water Pollution - Essay Example Nutrient pollution is caused by excess seepage of nutrients into the water; microorganisms that live in the water cause microbiological pollution. Suspended matter is caused by pollutants whose molecules are too big to mix thus form a silt at the bottom or remain floating at the top. A number of human activities such as industries that releases their effluent to fresh water bodies bring about surface water pollution. Oxygen depletion is the result of the release of too much biodegradable waste into the water. Thus, the oxygen in the water is used up by the increased amount of organisms that break down matter. Chemical pollution refers to contamination of water by industrial and agricultural waste such as metals, detergents and pesticides. In addition, it may be caused by oil spillage. Finally, ground water pollution is caused by seepage of chemicals through the soil and into underground water sources such as wells and boreholes. This pollution is caused by human activities although some are natural as found in Bangladesh laced with arsenic. Excess fertilizer, animal manure and waste effluent, contain nutrients that stimulate excess plant and algae growth in the fresh water bodies; they cause the decomposing plants and animals to use the oxygen to depletion causing the death of the organisms and animals, as well as the plants. Agricultural and chemical waste like DDT that is persistent insecticides and pesticides accumulate in the fresh water harming fish and birds. In addition, oil from oil spills and coagulated chemicals from industries cause the birds in the water bodies to have their wings and feathers clogged up thus are unable to fly. Human and fecal waste may contain disease carrying organisms and pathogens, which causes cholera and typhoid among humans which may cause death and disease outbreaks. Chemical pollutants that find their

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