Thursday, February 13, 2020

Legislative Proposal Topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Legislative Proposal Topic - Essay Example In addition, containers with a capacity less than 750 milliliters would not contain 4 liters of the beverage. Secondly, the current law prohibits transportation of alcoholic beverages that comes from industries outside Commonwealth according to part B. Such transportation limitation remains limited to less than four liters of beverage of one gallon especially when transit occurs in metric-sized containers (LIS 1 ­Ã‚ ­Ã‚ ­). Based on part A2, alcoholic beverages other than wine and beer, four gallons, provided that not more than one gallon of that shall be in containers holding less than one-fifth of a gallon. If any part of alcoholic beverage in transit remains held in metric sized containers, the four gallons limitation shall be taken as 12 liters, with not more than 6 liters of that should thereof be containers having a capacity less than 750 milliliters. The proposal as mentioned in part B below, aims at increasing transit quantities. As aforementioned, the proposal for the part B of the law seeks to increase the amount of other alcohol such as spirits in transit within the state. For the beverage produced in common wealth, the amount transported at a time should increase limits from three liters to four liters. For alcohol produced outside the Commonwealth, quantity limit should increase to two galloons from current one gallon. The amendment will not change morality of taking alcohol or endanger society culture. Larger quantity purchase guarantees better discounts on the prices of alcohol gives clients. Citizens of Virginia will be able to buy and transport larger alcohol quantities hence will save large amount of money. In addition, liquor stores will make more return to raise livelihood of personnel working in the premises while at the same time remitting higher tax return to the government. The current law seems to be unfair in regulation spirits manufacturing companies’ products. The amendment will also improve social life of those organizing legal

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